Dawn of War 2

Biffy's Peril

This is a remake of the old Dawn of War's Biffy's Peril for Dawn of war 2 (originally done by the Dawn of war crew)

Installation instructions Place the sga file into C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dawn of war 2\GameAssets\Mods or the equivalent of where you installed your steam games. (if the Mods folder does not exist, then just create one)

Then open steam, right click on Dawn of war 2, set launch options, then type in -Mod

The map should now appear in your map lists in custom games (requires all players to install mod to play with others) (does not require Chaos rising to work) The map works for victory point games, or annihilation

Have fun!

If you find any bugs, chuck up a comment and i'll see if i can fix it

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Key Authors
Nathan Clark
Made the map
Original Authors
Original Dawn of War crew


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